tiReCAlli HAckatHon


This is an open call to all devs, hackers, explorers of the fine generative arts, to attended Tire Calli’s first hackathon.

Don’t be afraid to explore. Push yourself, try things out. There are no limits. There are guidelines though. Read, don’t forget, go to work.

Be aware, TC website is a living organism, part of the future TC Metaverse, it constantly grows and evolves, as we do and with us our goals and visions of The Brand.

What we wish to see is an overall revamp of our website, a meaningful change of the frontend. We are interested in bold solutions, novel usage of layouting, 3D objects, typography and motion graphics.

This task is ideal for people who thrive in procedural/code driven design and art, who are interested in the future of the web, who are curious about application of cutting edge technology in the digital world. You are the person who doesn't shy away from storytelling with the help of Flex and Grid technologies and libs as GSAP ScrollTrigger, PixiJS, ThreeJS, etc. Additional love is directed to individuals with strong grasp in shader technology and WebGL/3D model data (glTF, OBJ, FBX, etc.).

Needless to say, you love exploring (and stealing) new solutions on Awwwards' websites, and you have probably discovered that we miss alt tags on almost all pics and don't have meta tags in our head section. We'll get there, we promise. It's all about MVP here.

Here you’ll be able to fork the code.

Send us your pull requests.

You need to use all of the content; every visual and textual element needs to be logically and hierarchically present when you finish.

In case of doubt, if questions arise, which is good, that means you actually care about this project; all comm will be executed via GitHub issues, but ofc, you can shoot us an email or slide into our DMs (we prefer IG).

Upon reviewing your PRs, several things will happen, as follows:

You will get accolades. Your work will be accepted and published as an actual, live version of TC remote repo.

You will be monetary rewarded. Precisely, 150 EUR (paid in crypto of your choice as long as it isn't L1 Ethereum or BTC).

If we will not like what we see, which is also a possibility, not a single change will be published, in which case:

We will still value your work, time and effort for this project and with this

Three of the best works will be published as honorable mentions and will receive gift certificates for the next TC shopping exp. The values will be as follows: 100EUR, 80EUR, 50EUR.

Deadline for your PR is February 1st. Best of luck.

A simple advice, trust your own gut instinct, it works for us every time. But do your research, be critical; when delivering, think about yourself as an audience, but try to figure out and keep in mind a larger picture, broader audience.

Don’t forget, you code for people, not machines. Visual first, but don’t lose focus and drift away from the functional, which we cherish and value as our own first premise.

TC devs manifesto 2021/22